We Become What We Worship

St. Stephen
St. Stephen

“We Become What We Worship”

These were the words emphasized by the priest during his sermon this morning. He happens to be my favorite priest because I have been listening to his thought provoking sermons for almost half my life now. You can always relate to the subjects that he touches on because of how he put into context what is written in the scriptures by using the current life’s experiences and  situations as examples.

And so, these words got me thinking about what exactly do I worship in life. Since God is divine and takes no form, I am unable to describe exactly what I am worshiping.

But I do know and can describe what I AM NOT worshiping.

I AM NOT worshiping a God created by man with his self limiting thoughts, idea, rules, culture, and restrictions.

I understand the fact that without rules and regulations, it is a challenge to shape the conscience – to know what is right and wrong. Whenever I am lost for words to describe what conscience is exactly, I latch on to the saying “God is GOOD”.

I like to think that anything that has any negative intonation or undertone, is not of God. I am sure the bible quoting expert Christians will most likely disagree, but the God that I like to believe in never punishes. The word punish should not even be in God’s vocabulary. I believe in most part of the bible that says God loves us unconditionally. I shall leave it as that and not proceeding to contradict that with all the “buts” and “nots”.

I had an interesting discourse with a friend lately regarding the use of condoms. There are a few religions in the world that forbid the use of condoms – Catholicism being one of them. The debate can be long and we will most probably not come to conclusion whether or not using condoms is right or wrong.

Looking at a larger picture, we are all responsible for our own actions and no one should judge another especially when it comes to the personal preference of religions and beliefs. There will always be reasons to justify the agreement or disagreement of certain debates or actions.

On the topic of contraception, I strongly believe that a lot of factors come into play when a couple decide on having a child be it financial or psychological. As adults, we are able to gauge sensibly whether we are ready for a child. It is not up to anyone else to decide or judge whether or not a couple should use contraception or otherwise.

A simple analogy came to mind after that discussion. Imagine a person driving on the road and consciously know that he or she is about to hit the curb. Should he or she avoid the curb or stop driving altogether?

Stop driving altogether is the easiest way out while avoiding the curb is in fact the most sensible and right thing to do.

I understand the fact that many couples in the worlds can only yearn to have children of their own. But that is not the best reason for other couples to have children just because they can get a little tadpole into an egg successfully. It is best for them to be ready to have these children lest struggle through life resentfully. It is definitely not a case of “just because you can, you must have”.

In the end, “TO EACH HIS OWN” seemed to be the best solution when it comes to very personal boundaries. After all, one is responsible for one’s body.

Aside from that, we are all so drawn to the supernatural that we forgotten that we have living miracles among us. I believe God gave us a miracle the day good priests were born. They are such amazing blessings to the communities they serve in.

Now, should you make a baby now just because one day, the baby will grow up to be a good priest?

I shall leave that up to you to decide. None of my business but thank you in advanced if you do…

That’s just because I worship a non-judgmental God that allows me to explore the beautiful world he created for me and to nurture it with the talents He have so graciously given me. Should I fall into the valley of darkness, He will be there to greet me – What’s up? Now, Get Up! In other words, I worship a cool God.

Indeed, we become what we worship.

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