Between Grateful & Complacency

Ever read the Aesop Fables’ The Fox and the Grapes?

I am not sure how true it is that grapes are part of a fox’ diet, but the story goes that after a few attempts to reach for the grapes that was hanging high up, the fox gave up by convincing itself that the grapes are not ripe and sour.

This story comes in many variations and as of late, I have been seeing a lot of memes that remind its readers to be grateful for what they have. Likewise, we are constantly reminded that it is unwise to strive for material things.

Though I agree that we should not revolve around our endless wants to a point of disrupting our happiness, I feel that there is a danger when one use gratefulness to console and convince oneself to under achieve. There is a fine line between working hard to attain one’s dream and giving up by being a sore loser.

In today’s world, we see great complacency in a certain group of society which believes that whatever that is given for the day is all one gets or deserves. They subscribe to such blind obedience and faith. Though I find their strong faith commendable, it is anti-progress when one uses faith to justify for their inaction to to strive for achievement.

The pertinent question for me is, are we making up excuses and reasons to settle for status quo and second best?

Just because staying in the comfort zone is the easiest to achieve, I believe it is over-rated and lazy people tend to convince themselves to stay stagnant. They subscribe to the “work smart and not hard” model. If one cannot find his or her purpose in life, they will surely resent mundane and repetitive work. People who are passionate of their purpose will not see their daily work as a chore but instead spend extra effort working tirelessly towards the goal.

I guess we must all challenge ourselves to find every opportunity to learn something new every day and not settle for familiarity in our daily life.

We must keep on persevering until we attain our goals and never tell ourselves that those are “sour grapes”.



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