Since watching it at the Magic Kingdom, I have been very fascinated and intrigued by Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress. Whenever the topic of progress comes to mind, I am reminded of the sight and sound of the attraction.

Yesterday, a friend shared a video of a cleric explaining to his follows the reason why their race is not progressing and that struck a chord in me. I can only sum up the entire video with one word – COMPLACENCY.

In my opinion, there is a correlation between complacency, goodness, and progress. Progress will not be possible if we do not strive for better things. We must first want and desire good results. Spiritually, in order to achieve goodness, we must practice all that is good and just. Someone shared the picture below to stress the way people should treat each other regardless of religion.


I believe we must all know that effort is needed to achieve goodness and while most religions encourage their followers to do good, there is also a grave danger that lies in the interpretation. Certain religion have a form of structure while others are infused in politics. There will be less problem if those practising their faith know for themselves the correct meaning or interpretations of all that was written in their respective scriptures. Often times, we see followers depend and believe fully what has been interpreted for them by the many clerics, priests, and spiritual leaders. We can safely conclude that each of these leaders have different views and interpretations of their faiths because if they all have interpreted their scriptures the same, we will have a peaceful world today.

Doing what is right and good are not the only ingredient to achieve progress when the key word really is DOING. In order for us to DO, we must be less contented and get ourselves moving. In order to move, we first get out of our comfort zone and stop being complacent.

Besides from knowing what is good, we must also ensure that we subscribe to a teaching that challenges complacency. One that is constantly challenging us to DO better.

Not until we put into motion our desire to achieve goodness can we gain progress.



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