Life’s Profound Meaning

I have always believe that our personalities are shaped by our experiences especially the interaction we have with each other. I sometimes wonder and cannot help but to be in awe by the profound impact that certain people have on my life.

Today, after 22 years, I met up with a teacher who have taught me when I was only 12 years old. We chatted about how life was back then and the differences she is experiencing with the new generation of school going children today. It was wonderful to share the memories and to catch up on what happened since then until recently.

At the same time, today I read news about claims of miracles taking place in a local church. That made me wondered a little about the physical and spiritual realms. We often try our best to reason and analyse scientifically every event that takes place. For me, science is the answer to what we can explain while the divine is what science is unable to conclusively convince us.

And since I am unable to explain their role in my life, I take it as God’s marvelous idea of putting them in my life so that I can be molded into a person He intended me to be.

Though we can brush it off as a mere coincidence that our paths in life crossed, I still find it difficult to explain how we meet certain people at the right place and at the right time. As these interactions with them took and continue to take place, they offer new information and valuable life lessons that help me evolve as a complex individual. The interactions form new ideas and come to realization new conclusions.

That made me thought about our most fundamental purpose in life.

I like to imagine that we are all part of this huge puzzle that completes a wheel and the wheel will not turn if one of these puzzle pieces is missing. Each of us plays a vital role in ensuring that this wheel of life continues to turn and by turning brings about progress.

To me, our most fundamental purpose in life is recognizing that we are indeed a part of this greater purpose in humanity which without will not be complete. Our every move resonates and when combined with all things in motion, life moves towards the same desired destination, and fulfills it – the greater objective.

So why are our paths crossing?

I would like to share part of the lyrics of my favorite Broadway Musical song called For Good from Wicked. And it goes…

I’ve heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most, to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true
But I know I’m who I am today
Because I knew you…

With life having such a profound meaning, it is evident that we are all meant to live in our very own unique ways. Each of us are after all a mashup of a huge collection of experiences, memories, values, intellectual abilities, talents, skills, passion, and thought processes. We are in fact too unique to be confined to uniformity and conformity. We must seek our own paths that crosses with other like minded people in order to contribute our energy towards the greater objective.

And thus, we must live life to the fullest and cherish every opportunity to learn, improve, and liberate our minds so that it to grows and is free to create and innovate.

We are all born to lead and we must first lead ourselves.


Between Grateful & Complacency

Ever read the Aesop Fables’ The Fox and the Grapes?

I am not sure how true it is that grapes are part of a fox’ diet, but the story goes that after a few attempts to reach for the grapes that was hanging high up, the fox gave up by convincing itself that the grapes are not ripe and sour.

This story comes in many variations and as of late, I have been seeing a lot of memes that remind its readers to be grateful for what they have. Likewise, we are constantly reminded that it is unwise to strive for material things.

Though I agree that we should not revolve around our endless wants to a point of disrupting our happiness, I feel that there is a danger when one use gratefulness to console and convince oneself to under achieve. There is a fine line between working hard to attain one’s dream and giving up by being a sore loser.

In today’s world, we see great complacency in a certain group of society which believes that whatever that is given for the day is all one gets or deserves. They subscribe to such blind obedience and faith. Though I find their strong faith commendable, it is anti-progress when one uses faith to justify for their inaction to to strive for achievement.

The pertinent question for me is, are we making up excuses and reasons to settle for status quo and second best?

Just because staying in the comfort zone is the easiest to achieve, I believe it is over-rated and lazy people tend to convince themselves to stay stagnant. They subscribe to the “work smart and not hard” model. If one cannot find his or her purpose in life, they will surely resent mundane and repetitive work. People who are passionate of their purpose will not see their daily work as a chore but instead spend extra effort working tirelessly towards the goal.

I guess we must all challenge ourselves to find every opportunity to learn something new every day and not settle for familiarity in our daily life.

We must keep on persevering until we attain our goals and never tell ourselves that those are “sour grapes”.



Since watching it at the Magic Kingdom, I have been very fascinated and intrigued by Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress. Whenever the topic of progress comes to mind, I am reminded of the sight and sound of the attraction.

Yesterday, a friend shared a video of a cleric explaining to his follows the reason why their race is not progressing and that struck a chord in me. I can only sum up the entire video with one word – COMPLACENCY.

In my opinion, there is a correlation between complacency, goodness, and progress. Progress will not be possible if we do not strive for better things. We must first want and desire good results. Spiritually, in order to achieve goodness, we must practice all that is good and just. Someone shared the picture below to stress the way people should treat each other regardless of religion.


I believe we must all know that effort is needed to achieve goodness and while most religions encourage their followers to do good, there is also a grave danger that lies in the interpretation. Certain religion have a form of structure while others are infused in politics. There will be less problem if those practising their faith know for themselves the correct meaning or interpretations of all that was written in their respective scriptures. Often times, we see followers depend and believe fully what has been interpreted for them by the many clerics, priests, and spiritual leaders. We can safely conclude that each of these leaders have different views and interpretations of their faiths because if they all have interpreted their scriptures the same, we will have a peaceful world today.

Doing what is right and good are not the only ingredient to achieve progress when the key word really is DOING. In order for us to DO, we must be less contented and get ourselves moving. In order to move, we first get out of our comfort zone and stop being complacent.

Besides from knowing what is good, we must also ensure that we subscribe to a teaching that challenges complacency. One that is constantly challenging us to DO better.

Not until we put into motion our desire to achieve goodness can we gain progress.