For whoever is not against us is for us

For the longest time, I have been blaming my misfortunes to the fallen angels and I sometimes ask myself why God puts one through his/her predicaments. There are also those who believe that God put us through difficulties as trials to help build our characters.

Now, I beg to differ because to think that anything negative comes from God is very contradicting and unacceptable. Didn’t we sing to the tunes of “God is Good”? If He is the good, why would He want to put us through negativity?

I strongly believe that God gives us the wisdom and intelligence to improve our judgment in all that we do. We are all given the gift of creativity that helps us solve problems that we face in our lives and we need to tap into our own areas of expertise in order to excel in our passion.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

Likewise, if you set your mind and will to tune into the positive, you will make a conscious decision to surround yourself with people and environment that allows only for you to thrive well.

I believe Jesus’ words “For whoever is not against us is for us” have a political undertone. Besides from encouraging his disciples to join forces and work together, I tend to think that He was also telling them to recognize the people and events that they can complement in order to achieve the grander plan.

But often times, the mind is very much influenced by its perception of events and experiences. Past experiences help us make better decision at present and future. It is our experiences that help us differentiate between positive and negative.



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