Being First

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” ~ Mark 9:35

If you have not already noticed, my thought has been somewhat political lately and of course it is the state of my country that I am thinking about mostly. I love my country enough to want to see it grow and progress. Unfortunately, it has been quite disappointing and frustrating to see how it continues to be crippled by those in power afraid of losing their positions. Positions that allow them to execute their corrupted agendas.

For the past two days, my thoughts were centred around a certain vision and how this vision that was supposed to be achieved in a few more years, will fail to come to fruition.

The vision boasts about how this country will be futuristic. I tend to liken it to Matt Groening’s Futurama where cars fly on air and humans are transported by tubes running through the futuristic city. Unfortunately, the Sadness (Inside Out) in me is optimistic that this will not be achieved.

The reason why I feel that we cannot achieve this targeted vision is because of the partly superstitious mentality of the people. Believe it or not, some people in this country believe in a theory how the prime minister is chosen. The theory suggests that the prime minister is picked based on an abbreviation that is the name of the first prime minister of the country. We are currently at the last letter of the abbreviation and the country is in total mess political and financial wise.

I see the believe in this theory as a symptom to be larger problem because to me, it is an indication how the majority of us are still depending on others to carve our future. We have no control over our own destiny and we allow others to determine the future for us. It is liken to surrendering to blind faith rather than shaping our destiny by investing in some initial ground work. In other words, we seemed to have obediently submit our power to the so called elected leaders and whatever they do unto us, we accept as what is right for us. Thus, we have failed to groom and elect good leaders into office.

After many years of indoctrination, we have not grown a bit intellectually and we have no mental capacity to follow through to see to it that our so called vision will be achieved. What is worse, we have groomed the majority to give up easily their the inability to endure hardship. We have groomed the majority to be entitled and feels that everything is for their taking instead of putting in sheer hard work to achieve and obtain what they desire. We have groomed the mentally weak that when challenged or unable to obtain, resort to brute force when attaining whatever and according to their whims and fancies. We have groomed a majority that feels that it is fine to start something but do not ensure its completion or it coming to fruition.

In other words, we have raised a generation of people that submits to the temptation of instant gratification coupled with a great sense of entitlement – the perfect combination for disaster I must say.

The vision that was conceptualized shall come to pass and we might regress to finding shelter in the caves. That’s if we have not exhausted all the natural resources feeding the greedy appetite of the blatantly ignorant.

The solution is simple.

Having a goal, vision, or objective is good but not enough. We must always be prepared and welcome changes. We must keep on changing by replacing the bad for better. We keep on improving and accept improvements until we achieve our goal, vision, or objective. We then call this a success.

Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb on his first attempt. It was through constant changes and improvements to his methods that he found success. Mr. Edison definitely did not sit around or wait on others to make the bulb light up. He did not submit to the uncertainty of “come what may” – he simply made it happen.

He did not hire subordinates and drive them like slaves to materialize his inventions. He got his hands dirty, and turn his thoughts into physical working models through real hard work.

Mr. Edison and all the great people in this world was never first to begin with. Some were ridiculed and laughed at while others made very unpopular decisions in life.

They became first by coming in last and servant of all…



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