Time and tide wait for no man

The truth of the matter is, there is a disparity. Disparity in many facets and at many levels. The smart is getting smarter while the dumb is getting dumber. The smart learned much self control while the dumber let ego and pride run wild.

On one hand you have entitled ones growing up having it easy while on the other hand, those who work hard not only for themselves but also the entitled. What are the root causes?

I believe 2 things – upbringing and education.

Those entitled teaches their young to be easily contented and if things don’t go their way, it is perfectly fine to use brute force because they are entitled. Since the world is for their taking, education is not priority. Without good education, they choked themselves of many opportunities and naturally, their intellectual growth continues to be stunted. 

While the enlightened are moving forward, the entitled continues to regress and threatens with incidents of the past. The calendar moves forward and not backward so must we forge ahead. Others can choose to fall behind, we need to embrace the world come what may through progress.

What don’t kill you makes you stronger they say. It is a matter of choice if we want to take the less travelled road and grow through all the challenges that it brings.

Part of learning is allowing the mind to explore new possibilities and accepting the fact that in every experience that life brings, there are lessons to be learned.


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