Constantly Evolving

“Change is the ONLY constant” ~ Heraclitus

I spent half of my weekend reading an autobiography of a young man who is currently seeking political asylum in another country after being persecuted in his own country. It was very provocative and made me think a lot about the situation where I am. Not that what he has written anything new but I took special interest in the way he articulated the issues accurately.

The common types of government often listed are democracy, republic, monarchy, aristocracy, and dictatorship.

While reading the book, I wondered if all these models have failed in our modern and complicated world today. Some of us even claim that we are stuck in the “matrix” where it is very difficult to define our frustration but at the same time, life goes on.

Perhaps, I am even forbidden to question or have such thoughts. Whatever it is, as days go by, the more I feel that all of us in one way or another is bound by a system derived from a model of government. Our minds has been conditioned and it is very difficult to unlearn.

We all know that past experiences shape our minds. Our thought process are further “enhanced” by religion, beliefs, and the many laws governing us.

The more I look at the situations and predicaments that we face in our daily lives, the more I feel that we’re being thrown into a mould. A mould to ensure that we conform and it is, by and large restrictive and rigid.

I sometimes ask myself whether my thoughts are exactly what the government of the day is trying to suppress.

Is this all real or is it make believe?

Are we living a lie?

Are the media painting and saying it as it really is or is trying to indoctrinate us to follow the flow so that only a few will benefit from our obedience?

How can we break away from the mould?

How can we be different in a monotonous life and homogeneous society that has been long taught to live in uniformity?

I reckon that the sociology of the world at large is evolving and soon, there will not be any room left for the rigid system. Democracy will evolve to be a much complex model to cater for the complicated sociological needs of the people.

I believe the enabler of this new model is globalization and how well we are all connected regardless of the geographical distance.

I hope that when that happens, we all trade in one currency. The level of civic-mindedness will be elevated and every one is passionate about the well-being of the people around them. They will have a sense of ownership and responsibility to ensure that their environment will be kept safe and preserved for the rest of mankind.

There will only be one common language – LOVE.

Can we build robots that can exhibit, feels, and express love?
Can we build robots that can exhibit, feel, and express love?

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