Conquering Fear

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” (James 1:22)

Coincidentally that was the reading for mass last Sunday morning. Leading up to last weekend there has been a lot of fear and anxiety. It was the same like the previous protests. A lot of fear instilling news used to paralyze the people. For me personally, it has been quite a lonely journey. People used to shun from me because I speak of rallies and protests. You see, people feel intimidated with someone they perceived as “different”. I am not different but I learn earlier in life that I have to work for what I want in life. I hate to wait on others to get things done for me because that makes me feel helpless.

“Why inconvenience yourself and be silly? Don’t be the idiot, we must be smart to safeguard our own interests – think about your family, all that you possess, don’t loose them all”.

Will you even have a place to be an idiot or otherwise if you do not safeguard it now?

I guess that is the problem with all of us. We prefer to tread the safe path. Rather him than me.

Then the news came that the churches are opening up their doors for those attending the rally.

A breath of fresh air.

I felt an affirmation that what I have been doing is right all along.

So what is taking you so long?

Let’s see if it is safe on Saturday, perhaps I will go and have fun on Sunday.

That is the most of you. You only want the fun part, who doesn’t?

Let us not just listen and parrot. How will that take away your frustration?

Let’s do….

Because, damn if you do, and damn if you don’t….

I guess we have allowed ourselves to believe that the unjust authorities can do anything to us even though their actions are against the law. That is a very fair concern given that we have witnessed so many cases of people being framed abd persecuted without a fair trial. When a criminal keeps on getting away with the crimes committed, it is only natural that it becomes a justified habit. It will definitely be difficult to break this habit and one will definitely put up a fight to hold on lest be punished by the rule of law.

God is with me, I fear nothing….



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