Freedom To Express

This song by Emeli Sande is my current favorite song. If you take the time to listen to every word she sings, you will find that it is a very meaningful song. Perhaps it means more to me these days because freedom of expression and speech seemed to be suppressed lately. By just looking through, I cannot help but to feel how important this platform is especially for all the writers around the world. I enjoy reading blog entries from all over the world. There are so many good writers out there in the various genres and subjects.

I am known among my peers as an expressive person. I can also be very impulsive and that goes the same with the way I write and expressing my thoughts through words. These days, due to the suppression against those who are vocal, I find myself being very careful when expressing myself especially on the social media platform.

I guess living amongst fearful people tend to make you fearful too. I only wish that one day that I can truly be free to express my thoughts because it is uncertain if what is written will inspire someone else in this great big world. Furthermore, creativity is diminishing due to conformity and compliance to the norm and public opinion.

I want to sing, I want to shout, I want to scream till the words dry out….

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