Right or Good?

As of late, it has been very frustrating politics wise. Corruption is still the #1 enemy of the people and with it, comes the abuse of power. Objectively speaking, if one plays by the rules, the right course of action is through democratic means. Essentially, that boils down to the ballot papers.


Looking at the past and history of unrests, there has been much sacrifices – “no pain, no gain” they say. In the example of “Arab Spring”, many lives were lost. Looking at the motivation of such an uprising, the underlying factor is nothing less of sheer desperation of the people. When one has nothing more to lose, they are willing to lose themselves.

I am opined that where there is comfort, there will not be change and even there is, it will be slow. There is no reason for anyone to lose all that they have or gamble with their lives when it is not needed.

That being said, it takes a lot of desperation to cause an “Arab Spring”. And what successes have we seen in places that have gone through such uprising?

It is a double whammy when we do not have the amount of desperation to stir up such enormous uprising and a solid post uprising plan to move the nation forward.

Thus, we remain in our comfort zone and complacency while waiting for the next opportunity to cast that one valuable ballot paper. The only time our individual “voice” resonates with other right minded individuals. If only people understand the simple old adage “United we stand, divided we fall”, collectively we can be a force to reckon with.

Are street protests the right thing to do or it is just something good to be done during times of unrests?

Is it the right thing to do to bring about change, to demand for resignations of leaders? It is akin to asking how much will it take for one to put his or her pride and ego aside because at the end of the day, it is just an ego and prideful game.

The question remains – Is it time to lose it all yet? Not for those with much to lose that is…

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