What exactly did they do to me?

Just before I went to bed last night (4 am this morning), I read news about same sex marriages legalized in all 50 states in the USA. Now as I sit here and look through some hateful comments, my mind tries to rationalize and digest the reason for this hate. I believe the pertinent question we must ask ourselves today is “What exactly did the LGBT community do to me that I hate them so much?”

The most appalling statement I came across is the move to legalize same sex marriages will trigger the 2nd coming of Christ. Really? You know what? I do look forward to Jesus coming. Let Him come because I would love to have tea with him and talk to him about how much He loves the world.

Some may say that LGBT ruins family values or perhaps increases the rate of STD spreading. You know what? Divorces and STD happens to straight people and at the most alarming rate as well. These are but the symptoms of the problem. Just like how we have the good and bad across all religions, we have good and bad people regardless of race, gender, or whatever.

So again, what exactly it is that cause us to resent and reject another just because of sexual orientation?

In all seriousness, I hope people do not pull God or Jesus into their own lack of acceptance issue. Ultimately, God created all of us be it good or bad. To use God’s name in this is truly childish and liken to siblings squabbling, fighting over a toy and running to their parents complaining about an issue that cannot be resolved within each of their own heart.

Remember, Jesus did ask us to love one another as He loves us…

The chances of one leaving his/her religion due to how the over zealous judges and show rejection through words and deeds is much higher than refusing to befriend a sweet, considerate, kind, and loving person be it straight, gay, blue, green, whole, or crippled.

The only good that came out of it is that I have never seen people praying so much harder than before. It must be something very good that they legalized it. Good to pray for everyone. Stay blessed!

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“What exactly it is that they have done to you?”

So what, what now?

Just before I pen down my thoughts for the day, I would like to invite you to watch the following video:

We live in an information overload age where we are compounded with tons of information most of which are problems to us. How often do we find ourselves crippled, mortified, drowned, and paralyzed by the problems to a point that we are unable to think of the solution? We sometimes submit ourselves to our “fate” feeling helpless.

So what, what now?

That slogan hit me hard. It is so true that we take our thinking minds for granted. We fail to go further and beyond our problems and to take time to think of possible solutions. That is akin to Neo taking the blue pill from Morpheus which is an easy way out.

The slogan “so what, what now?” can be applied to many areas of our lives. In many instances, all we have to do is take responsibility and be in charge of our lives be it in good or bad situations.

I believe that there is something that can be done at all levels of capacities and all we need to do is get into motion towards the objective and all shall fall into place in due time.

Trying is much better than doing nothing but wasting energy complaining about one’s misfortune. When we try, we have a 50% chance of succeeding and by doing nothing to remedy the challenge, we have 0% chance of getting anywhere.

So what, what now?

Effective Teamwork

As the years go by, I realized that like many people, I feed on small achievements to gain confidence. In order to obtain such achievements, I must first have purposes and objectives. At work, I am blessed to work with a boss who is also purpose driven and have the uncanny ability to read people. It was my boss who discovered my talent and helped me grow it for the past 2 years. I have learned so much working with and for him.

Besides from individual growth, my boss have single-handedly form an effective team. In other words, his leadership skill is the best thus far that I have seen throughout the years working in the corporate world.

Today, I stumbled upon an amazing talk on the TED Youtube Channel. After watching the video, I realized how much my team at work have put into practice the principles discussed by Ms. Heffernan.

In the video Ms. Heffernan mentioned a very good point regarding building trust in a team through time and I am able to relate to that on a personal level. I have recently started playing badminton on a regular basis and during our badminton games, we usually play the doubles games without a permanent partner. I noticed that there are different dynamics whenever I am playing with a different partner. I also noticed that I play better whenever I am paired with a friend whom I have known for more than 20 years. This is because the level of understanding and the ability to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses help greatly in ensuring we are able to face the challenges presented by our opponents.

In an oppressive and unjust environment, we are often forced to be selfish and self-centred in order to ensure our own survivability. Often times I have came across people who are very selfish in sharing their knowledge because they fear of losing their jobs if others can do their jobs. Thus, the Super Chicken syndrome.

I have always wondered the reason behind such behaviour and if it is a good trait to have. Ms. Heffernan hit the nail on the head and was spot on in articulating that it is a behaviour we should avoid if we are seeking to be successful.