Embracing Unique Individuality

In slow motion, a set of teeth sinking ever so slowly into the soft warm bun with the mouth watering juicy piece of beef patty.

What a familiar image that never fails to send us scurrying to the nearest fast food joint to experience that same euphoria that our taste buds send through our neurons telling our entire body we have almost achieved a “food-gasm”. That is the success of images conquering our emotions.

Have we actually conditioned our minds to react to such thought provoking images?

Frank Outlaw once quoted the following:

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

At times, I feel strongly how our senses has been exploited by so many different types of media – each wanting us to believe the propaganda its content creator/owner wishes to materialize. It seemed as though many have found a niche in manipulating the masses through media across multiple platforms and in various technological means.

I am often left to wonder what happened to creativity these days. Back in the days we have the likes of Edison and Einstein who are truly creators – they have less technology back then and definitely no social networking media. Today, we have vast information at the tips of our fingers and yet, we no longer create. At best, we innovate and we recycle ideas the creators have left us with.

Stereotyping and herding mentality have killed creativity. We are first made to believe that we are followers and then, we are forever controlled by those in position of power so to speak. It is not uncommon to see that in our world today, we have more followers than leaders. We are so fearful to try new things and something news means challenging the status quo, ruffling some feathers, and leaving our comfort zone. Even before trying something new, our minds create so many images of how the new idea will never work – so we settle for second best and submit to our pessimistic thoughts.

We are also very often shaped by our surroundings be it environment or the people in our lives. It is not uncommon to receive criticism for doing something out of the norm. By conforming to the norm, we are limiting our minds to wander the uncharted waters.

In our society today, it is so difficult to accept the uniqueness of each individual borne into the world in various shapes and sizes. When someone speak his or her mind that stirs, provokes, or challenges our beliefs system, we become reactive and confrontational. We also create laws to further limit the things people do or say that may be perceived as seditious. The definition of sedition is so vague most of the time. If the majority felt offended, it can be passed of as seditious. But that is not the case because certain people may agree or accept what has been said or done and thus, the saying – “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”.

We have indeed evolved into very complicated beings and too complicated to be contained by laws of old that are used to limit the expression of thoughts. Just how limiting are we in today world? We have the usual constitutional laws and on top of that, most of us are also “governed” by the religious laws.

I hope that the world at large will continue nurturing creativity by allowing young people to share their ideas freely. To build more platforms for them to debate on their thoughts in a constructive manner and maturely.

As of late, there has been a lot of chaos due to the many things that are said by people young and old, prominent and ordinary. Words seemed to be able to spark off so much resentment and anger. There are also a lot that has been said that tickles our rational – some acceptable while others are not. Taking a step back to think about all that has been said and done, I realized that freedom of speech works both ways. It is really up to us to accept or disagree and move on with life whether or not we are able to do something about our acceptance or disagreement.

Whether or not I agree with the words utters or actions taken, I have learned to appreciate the expression of ideas and thoughts as long as they do not physically harm anyone. As much as we have the rights to expression our opinion, someone else deserves to express theirs as well. If we suppress such expression of ideas, we might miss out something new which can be improvements to what we currently perceive as something good.

The question is, are we comfortable where we are at the moment or have we shut down our creative faculty?