Reading Between The Lines

I am not sure why but often times we tend to live life reading between the lines. Perhaps it is because people are less direct and always trying to use the correct words or phrases when communicating. Maybe it is to avoid conflicts but more often than not, we are left to nothing but assumptions.

I for one, hate reading between the lines. For me, I appreciate people saying and doing exactly what they meant. I dislike leaving room for misinterpretation. Why make life more complicated than it already is?

It defeats the purpose of the fundamentals of communication. It all boils down to getting the message across.

A captain must give a clear instruction to his subjects to pull the trigger in a critical situation. What if he/she gave an unclear instruction? I am sure there will be quite extensive damage done if his instruction was misinterpreted.

So why do we even bother to communicate in ways in which we want our audience to read between the lines?

In fantasy books, the author’s sole objective is to write in such a way that it is left to the reader’s imagination to form the story line.

Are we living in a fantasy?

More Than Meets The Eye
More Than Meets The Eye

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