How Much The World Changed

Driving can tell you a lot about the society we live in these days. As I gave way to on-coming traffic on a narrow road this morning, I cannot help but to take notice of the reactions of the drivers on the opposite direction.

I remember that drivers used to be very courteous when I was growing up. Seated on the passenger seat, I noticed that my father will always lift his hand up as a gesture of gratitude whenever the other driver gave way. Whenever he couldn’t hold up his hand while driving, he will always ask the passenger seated next to him to show gratitude to the other driver.

Gone are the days when drivers are courteous. They zoom pass as though it is their birthright and you are required to give way – entitlement. The indicator is of no use these days because whenever you indicate to switch lanes on the road, not only will the drivers not slow down but they will press on the accelerator more to ensure you have a hard time getting onto the desired lane.

Reading one of the eulogies to a prominent public figure reminded me how much we forge friendships in the old days. The more technology advances and the more we see social networking medias thriving, it seemed as though the more disconnected we are with each other on the personal level. Do we use or abuse technology? Technology should be a tool for us to grow closer to each other instead of widening the distance or gap between us.

The world has changed but I can only hope it will be for the better…


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