Seeking Inspiration

The daily bombardment of negative news can take a toll on us in many ways. As of late, news of injustice have dampen the spirits of many. It has come to a point where I am totally done with news reading. I have since stopped switching the radio on while driving to work just to avoid feeding my mind with negative news. During one of my travels, I noticed in one particular destination that news were being repeated throughout the day. I can safely conclude that it was the best example of “No News Is Good News”.

After visited so many places, I must concur with the likes of Jack Canfield who wrote You Are Who Your Friends Are. On a larger scale, a community can really shape a person. If one is surrounded by civic minded people, he or she will automatically adhere to all the culture and rules. For example, if placed in a third world country, one will usually adapt to suit the environment and will act or think like how one would in a third world country. Whereas when one is placed in a highly developed and intellectual environment, naturally he or she will soon have a richer mindset.

Coming back to how we worry ourselves with every petty incident that is taken as prime time news. It can be tiring for our brains to filter through all the unnecessary news just to derive how it would affect our livelihood.

I have recently started reading again and I cannot emphasize how much reading can help broaden one’s mind. We don’t usually get the opportunity to travel and see what’s out there but I hope everyone will have at least an opportunity to travel to a developed country. Not as a tourist but live like a local by submerging oneself in the culture and daily living. By doing so, I was able to form basis of comparison between the advantages and disadvantages a city has to offer its inhabitants.

Through the years, I have stumbled across – very inspiring website/blog where many good writers contribute their motivational articles. There is an awesome piece shared today entitled – 30 Thoughts To Keep You Positive. I must say that all 30 points are spot on and valuable for one searching for inspiration to be positive. I am compelled to make them my daily mantras.

As written in my previous post, I had the opportunity to realize my mother’s dream of visiting a certain place. The following are some of the memories captured on photos:


This photo reminded me of some of the films where a super hero chase after villains in the back alley.



Cuteness attracts my attention…







Another natural wonder checked on the bucket list.



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