I Am An Instrument

“I am an instrument”

In our daily lives there will surely be “ups” and “downs” and more so in the practice of our faith. I am no exception as I have lost faith many times but came back stronger each time – we grow in faith so to speak. During one particular period of time when I was down in faith, it was a priest who came to my rescue. He did not summon a great host of angels or anything miraculous of that sort. He simply showed empathy, gave me some good advice, and made me felt welcome. Since then, he has always been there throughout most of the times when my soul was most broken and shattered. He has also been there throughout my most memorable moments. In short, he played a big role in helping me spiritual wise. I remembered one time that after having a chat with him, I thank him and told him how grateful I am to have him in my life. He replied simply, “I am but an instrument. Jesus loves you”. Simple yet powerful, I thought. Perhaps that is what we all need in life, back to basics.

“Laws of attraction”

As we go about our lives, we tend to reason in order to understand better of situations that we are going through. We try to reason who is God and what is He, even scientifically most of the time. Then came the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” with all its explanation of energies and also the book/movie “The Secret”. Out of a sudden, an enlightenment called “Laws Of Attraction” came about. I am not discounting these scientific proven facts but in fact, believe its principles.

For me, I have a profound understanding and explanation of what happens when both Faith and Laws Of Attraction collide.


I am sure most of us has been told that having a child is a blessing and indeed, it is. Unfortunately, the world tells us otherwise – a child is a burden financial wise we are often told. Of course it will become difficult if we do not plan it well. But in essence, I have never understood how or why it is a blessing to have a child until recently.

You see, every person have their aspirations, desire, wants, and hopes. Ever experience desiring something so bad, that it happens or it materializes? A job that you wanted so badly and eventually got it? A pretty lady that captured your heart and eventually became your wife? A house, a car, a pet, the dream to travel, and many more. I am very sure we all have experienced at least one of these. If you have not, it only means that you have not desired strong enough. The same reason why Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” ~ Mark 11:24. The keyword here is BELIEVE – isn’t that mentioned in “The Secret” as well? See how it has been covered in the scriptures already just to be presented in a different manner?

When you believe (laws of attraction) so much, whatever you ask for materializes (quantum physics).

In between the believe and the material, lies something or some things that are very profound and interesting. There are the instruments and they come in many forms. Sometimes, we even call them angels. Perhaps you are securing a loan for a brand new car and the bank officer was really helpful or the interviewer has found you favourable for the job since the first interview. The perfect ring (not Frodo’s) appeared just when you decided to propose.

None of these could have happen if you have not given much thought to them. Thought translates into energies and materializes.

The interesting part is, the instruments can also be apart of the bigger picture. Being an instrument have its blessings too.

“Blessed through another person”

Case in point, when you have a child, and we all know that a child have many needs. If you look back to the times when the child was born, you will notice and realize how he/she has been blessed because you were able to provide him/her all that he/she needed. You see, in actual fact, the child attracts what he/she needs, you became the instrument to materialize all that was needed. Now, how does that make us blessed? In the process of obtaining the resources needed for the child, many opportunities may have came along and made it possible for ourselves to have a comfortable life.

In a week’s time, I will be materializing a long time dream of the person who have brought me into this world – my mother. Looking at the entire event unfolding, I just cannot believe that it is actually happening. I do not know what in the world that I have done to be able to do this. I can only believe that it was her strong desire to have her dream materialize and I?

I am but an instrument…

I shall leave you with a question – Have you been a blessing to someone else today by being an instrument to their success/happiness?


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