What The World Has Lost

My mother had her first child in a hospital run by Catholic nuns. It was a Catholic nun that helped deliver my brother and the moment he was born, my mother uttered, “Thank you Jesus” as encouraged by the Catholic nun.

Back then, people stayed true to their calling and vocations. Many Catholic nuns and brothers were in charged of healthcare and education. They worked with passion as nurses, physicians, and teachers. They not only shape the intellectual minds but also the faith formation of those they taught and served.

On my way home today, an ambulance zoomed passed me and my mind brought me back to my childhood. I remembered the smarter kids in my class shared that they wanted to be doctors because they are passionate about saving lives. We were innocent then.

Today, it is not uncommon to hear of a dying person being denied admission to the hospital just because he/she does not have some sort of collateral. Most private hospitals will only admit someone if he/she present his/her credit card. Hearing of such incidents only goes to show that the world has lost all compassion and money is the preferred currency over life.

What happened to the passion, the calling and vocation?

As the last nun left the hospital and the last brother left the school, the world lost something very valuable.

The world lost LOVE.

In truth, when my mother uttered, “Thank you Jesus”, she actually said plainly, “Thank you Love”. For the nun who have delivered my brother did it out of Love. The Love that Jesus spoke about.

When the brother taught all the students in the school, he did it out of Love.

Because the fundamental of our calling and vocation is none other than Love.

Everyday we follow the routine reporting for work and returning home, and whatever we do, we are fulfilling that obligation which translates into nothing but Love. Perhaps working a little harder so that our children will have a better life or perhaps, we owe it to our colleagues to help them in any way so that they too be successful in their careers.

It is when we pull ourselves away from our vocations, the world lose Love.

Without Love, we are lost for directions.

We do not need to embrace the same faith to Love because Love is universal. It comes in many form – compassion, empathy, sympathy, and kindness.

Based on the demand and supply model, it seemed that there is a greater demand for the non-existence of Love. It is really strange why do we continue to deny ourselves from this fundamental and basic substance/manna.

Today, the world needs Love more than ever.

All the rituals, theologies, beliefs, customs, and traditions combined will not be enough without Love.