Life Is Precious


All the news I have read recently talks a lot about death. In fact, death comes in so many forms and facets. We are currently on high alert on the Ebola outbreak and endemic. Looking at this problem alone is enough to tell me that there are enough people dying due to diseases. Perhaps some are curable while others are not but most are out of our control. When our time is up, there is no way we can prolong life and avoid death. We can never be too sad or resentful when it comes to natural deaths.

If we look around us, there are many things that are created and facilities provided to help us prolong our lives. With the latest state of the art technology being used in hospitals and all the effort spent on research, people are sacrificing a lot just to live a little longer. The core purpose of a human being is to survive and stay alive.

But as of late, we have all read news about war, honour killings, and the many different deaths that are caused by human’s deliberate actions. Videos of beheading of innocent people by terrorist groups can be something that no one can truly understand the psychology or theory behind them. Perhaps the perpetrators know too well that killing someone will rouse the anger of others without realizing that in itself is an action rooted from anguish and hatred.

I strongly believe that each and everyone of us have a conscience – an intuition deep inside all of us that differentiates between right and wrong, good and bad. It does not make sense to me how one feels good or right slitting someone else’s throat with a knife.

Ideally, every argument should be done on a platform where death is not part of the equation. Truce and treaties should be forged to ensure that no one person should be killed. As the old saying goes “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” or more subtly that there are always more than one way to solve a problem.

We have more than enough problems to handle if we look into all the diseases that are claiming innocent lives. Perhaps we can channel all the energies in fighting and killing each other towards healing those who are suffering from sickness and at the brink of death due to inadequate healthcare.

What is the use of new technologies when we still believe in the ancient ways of obtaining what we desire through war and violence? Have we not improved or are we still stuck in the dark ages?

It is high time we graduate from our baby tantrums and preserve lives as we ought to, naturally and not killing to begin with…

Why go through all the effort to bring a life into the world just to end it?

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