I’ve Got Your Back

These days, as soon as we open our eyes the amount of information our senses detect can be very overwhelming. There are just too much negativity in our lives these days. Bad news seemed to sell like hot cakes and it can be very daunting going through life that way.

The news of recent aviation accidents and war can effect us emotionally and psychologically. To be honest, I am very much affected by the tragic lost of lives in the many aviation accidents recently. Each time I board a plane, my mind cannot help but to go through the thoughts. A sense of lost and sadness fills my mind most of the time.

There are just too much talents, good values and goodness lost in such incidents that I cannot stop but to wonder why should we kill deliberately in war especially. A beautiful family lost in a tragic accident have a huge impact on the community that they are apart of. I am a strong believer that each of us truly matters in this world else we wouldn’t be here in the first place. Our most fundamental purpose in life is to contribute to “giving life” whether through instilling good values within just a family unit or to the world at large. We have something to contribute, each and every one of us. We just have to do the right thing and what is right!

Yes, the world needs a lot of love these days. I think the problem with many people of the world is that instead of showing how good their religion/beliefs is through living by example, most are screaming at the top of their lungs why everyone else is wrong. We do not need to over amplify or exaggerate because it is as simple as “being yourself” and if your neighbour sees that it is good, that will draw him/her nearer. Criticizing will only cause more resentment. Case in point. I have always been drawn to Christianity but the problem is, Christianity is broken into many but the two in general are Protestant and Catholic. I was a free thinker (now known as Atheist) back then but followed a friend to his Protestant church. I have this guy to thank that I am now a Catholic because each time we drove pass a Catholic church, he goes…”You know, the people in this church worship idols”. The next thing I know, I learned how to pray the rosary, love the beauty of the statues and found where my soul belong…Shit, did I just criticize a Protestant? The truth of the matter is, my personal choice of a religion is totally up to my preference and what works for my spiritual wellness. I don’t give a rat ass what you believe as that is totally up to you and I don’t appreciate anyone violating that simple respect for one’s boundaries…

Today is especially emotional for me. My wife and I are both scheduled to travel soon but instead of being a happy event, my mind went through the “contingency planning” mode. I know some of you folks will go “where the heck is he going (again) now?” but that’s besides the point of what I am writing about.

I was overcome by intense emotions when I seek the approval from a very close friend to assume the role of the guardian for both our girls. It is my nature to ensure I have all bases covered. I guess that is always the case so that we can have a closure should there be any untoward incidents. We want to ensure we have done all we can. We want to go without any regrets.

I guess that is life and you are never going to entirely complete life in the way you like to envision and expect.

An entire web of thoughts went through my mind and the many questions. How much tears will both my girls shed, the pain and the sense of emptiness. How will they pick up from where they are? Will their guardian be able to be strong enough so not to substitute the pain by giving in to their every “comfort” needs and wants. What will become of them? Will what we leave behind for them be enough to get them through life? How much will be left for them and who will see them through all the procedures to obtain what we have left for them?

And the list goes on…

Trying to regain my composure, and also puzzled by the sudden whirlwind of emotions, a simple statement came through from the chat window.

In her exact words, “Don’t worry…. they are surrounded with people who love them”. And short and in layman terms, what she actually said was “I’ve Got Your Back”.

The right thing to do in our world today is “GET SOMEONE ELSE’S BACK”.

We live in a community and all we have to do is ensuring our friends and perhaps their family especially their children are taken care of. By that it does not mean that we literally take their children in as our own but it can be as simple as guiding and giving advice if they seemed lost. If we do that within our own community, imagine how amazing the world can be because we all have our own circle of friends. If that kindness and sense of ownership/responsibility can be multiplied the world over, I cannot imagine how amazing living in this world can be!

But in reality, the world is going the wrong direction. We look at each other lustfully and have no issues taking advantage whenever we can. Instead of having someone else’s back and looking out for him or her, we have no qualms of coveting their daughters to satisfy our lustful desires.

“What you do unto them, you do unto me!”

Instead, we should nudge someone towards what we think is the right thing to do. It is natural for us to get someone back up when they fall down. What goes around comes around and it might be a bad day for you today but it can mine tomorrow.

Needless to say, all the wars that are going on right now are not only unnecessary but counter the fundamental purpose of our lives. We all have something good to contribute in life and taking away that life, the world have one less goodness it in.

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ – Jesus Christ

Hug your love ones a little harder today because sometimes, you’re all that they have got in life…