Some feelings though as profound as they are, can be very difficult to explain. In many occasions in my life, I have compared it to the lives of the rich and famous. I have asked this question numerous times – “Why am I not born into riches?”.

And when I look around me and come across the many situations such as slavery, hardcore poor and the homeless, my mind finally have perspective of how lucky I am. We need not go far in order to feel grateful. The simple thought of not being born into a certain community which laws disallow its people to profess a religion of their choice is good enough of a reason to be very grateful. Religion being the most fundamental right a human can ever have – a personal choice at best, should not be dictated by any other but has since be used as a political tool in most countries.

Religion is not something I want to discuss today but more so, I want to pen down ways in which we can make ourselves feel a little more grateful in life. For the fact that you are able to read this post in the comfort of your couch and beautiful home is already a reason to be grateful and ponder in amazement how lucky you are.

If you are still wondering why you should feel lucky, please watch the video below: