In a split second

Though it may be a short span of time, many things can happen in a split of a second. Death can be one of those things – short time, huge loss.

A decision that determines between life and death of an alleged criminal can also be made in a split of a second. Instant gratification is always the outcome of a careless split second thought. Murder, fornication and the list goes on.

We like to tell ourselves that life is fragile and we must cherish and be grateful for what we have for within a split of a second, we might lose everything.

The thought of how swift death can come upon us came to my mind a few days ago while driving back from work. This thought raised the question whether we submit hopelessly waiting on death or use every living second to strive for a better life.

Striving for a better life always come with the need to sacrifice be it time or any other forms of resources. We may get hung up trying to figure out if it will all be worth it or simply put in business terms, will there be Return On Investment (ROI). We are always speaking in terms of benefits and returns. Hardly there is anyone in this world is willing to lift a finger without knowing full well the returns or benefits of their actions. We have become inhabitants of this planet that wants more than we give.

I am always told that “you cannot bring riches into the tomb” and I totally agree but that should not be made an excuse not to lead a purposeful life. We all have a purpose in this life and even though we may lose everything in the split of a second, living a purposeful life will help us leave this world easier – without regrets.

For those of us with children, we wish only to see them through life and do well on their own before we breath our last. That is the simplest example of purpose. Fighting to survive and see things through. We wish not to leave our children to fend for themselves in this broken world. Better still for some of us, go the extra mile fighting for a better future for our children by being activists.

When I was younger and in my carefree days, like any young adult, politics bore me to death. I couldn’t understand what was all the fuss about when there were general elections. Little did I know that a small voting ballot can cause a huge ripple and has huge implications for the community.

A vote translates into a good representative chosen.

A good representative chosen translates into good governance.

Good governance translates into a thriving nation.

A thriving nation translate into progressive community.

And a progressive community will bring about better standard of living.

Stunting and crippling a nation with mediocre education and support systems will only bring adverse effect.

All these decisions making can happen in a split second.

The speed between the moment one sets his/her eyes on a briefcase filled with cold hard cash and saying “YES” can happen in a split second. The speed between a threat to harm one’s family member and saying “YES” can also happen in a split second.

The implication of the YES however can bring greater and longer harm to the victim of such injustice.

How do we condition ourselves not to give up in a split second needs exercising of mental power. The strength to endure pain and make the best decision can only be built on top of good faith and conscience. Something that only one person have mastered and in my opinion, he is Jesus Christ.

In the split second before breathing his last, he uttered,”Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

That is how Jesus told himself that “my purpose in life is accomplished”.

If you are cornered to make an awful decision in a split second today, what would you choose? Will it be a decision for your selfish gain or you are strong enough to ensure no harm is done on another and in short, saving yourself or others?

In a split second, justice can turn into injustice.

In a split second, democracy can turn into dictatorship.

In a split second, joy can turn into sorrow.

Today say a prayer for all those that has made the wrong split second decision and living to regret it. May we all have the strength to make the right decision although painful, know  it is the correct thing to do.

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