The Price for Change

Many sees the story of Jesus as one that changes the world. Being one of the most influential characters the world has come to know, Jesus have indeed left an impact in terms of “organized” religions and how conscience of this world is established.

What exactly did Jesus do to command such an impact that changed the world?

It all boils down to – sacrifice. His cause, love. He is said to have sacrificed his own life for the love of the world. He changed the world leading by example. He was unpopular amongst those with unclear conscience that contradicts His.

And what did his disciples have to go through for following Jesus? Again, sacrifice. They sacrificed the comfort of staying where they were, gave up everything and followed Him. Why? Because Jesus gave them hope that there is a better way of living and a better life compared to the ones they are living.

With that same thought process, I would like to then turn the situation towards what we are facing in our country at the moment

In 2008, was the “political tsunami” as dubbed by many and it was the first changing point for the country. Inhabitants of two states made the decision to no longer vote for a complacent, backward and corrupt government that have ruled for over 50 years. I am sure the voters are so fed up with the situation that they no longer have the fear of being penalized, harassed and “tortured” physically, mentally and psychologically. Coming to the end of the 1st year of the 2nd term of being ruled by the “opposition”, these two states continue to be the target of political bombardment. Religious, racial and many more issues plague the inhabitants of these two states. The ruthless and merciless treatment towards MPs and State Assembly representatives from the “opposing” divide never seemed to end. While all these are being dished out, the general public were forced to live with the rising cost of living and the drop in standard of living in terms of education and quality of public services.

Today, I see hope because these two states constantly send a very strong message that they will persevere through the hardship. They find it worth the sacrifice for a better future. The only fear I have is their endurance to endure the hardship. We humans have the tendencies of taking the easy way out and instant gratification makes it harder for us to persevere.

So what exactly is the cost of change?

For most of us, it is no longer about us. And representing the group with children, I dare say that we are willing to sacrifice substantially in order to obtain a better future for our children and hopefully their children as well. We want a better country for them, not us.

Change is the only constant. Hanging on is the only sin. ~ Denise McCluggage

It is quite shocking that the vicious cycle each General Election brings to this country. Day in and day out, the same plots are being played but yet, the results remained the same. That according to the genius Albert Einstein is in fact, the definition of Insanity. Is this country insane?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein

I believe that in this era, no one needs to die like Jesus in order to bring change. But there will be substantial sufferings that come in the forms of inconveniences, discomfort and bad reputations. We can easily name all the opposition leaders who have been persecuted but they are still holding steadfast to their principles, never waver and continued to remain focus in their cause for a better country. The only sad thing is, it took them just that long to bring about realization, change and the strength to instil wisdom, intelligence and awareness to the general public especially the younger generation.

No one wants to be the villain but yet, most of us allow the villain to triumph!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

In politics there is always the term “lesser of two evils” but in actual fact, when the good men appear and make their début, are we ready to follow and persevere?

Just to set the record straight, I am not writing this piece to evangelize. The point that I am putting across is that, there is no gain when there is no pain. Whatever we want in life, something else has got to give. There is nothing as an all winning situation. For us to acquire anything, we must first make a payment. Everything has a price tag and value. It matter how much we want and how much we are willing to part with.

We are talking about a country and we should not expect change overnight.

What is the price for change?

Ultimately, the price for change is sacrifice.