Much has been argued about which is the one true religion and the debate continues among the many different denominations and sects. Today the priest in the church was spot on defining the meaning of the word – faith. As a summary to his sermon, I derived that faith is the courage to explore the unknown.

The courage to explore the unknown.

I have always been in the opinion that one’s religion is very personal and no one can impose religion or beliefs unto someone else. It is one’s fundamental right and freedom to choose whichever religion he/she embraces. These days, it can be difficult to practice one’s faith due to the many self-righteous and holier than thou “elders” imposing their interpretations of the religion onto others.

Today’s definition of faith puts me back into perspective and the sermon hit home. It has been a year since I decided to stop victimizing myself and took up the courage to challenge myself once more in the corporate world. Boy must I say that it has been the greatest ride of my life. Back then, the road ahead of me was dark and unpredictable. Having had the bad experience of a burnt out, the only thing I held onto was the little courage I had knowing that I will do things differently this time around.

One thing led to the other and after numerous recognition and an award within the organization, I must admit that this has become the best job of my life thus far.

It is a norm for us to constantly seek achievements on a daily, medium and long term basis. The small achievements of everyday contributes to a greater sense of achievement in the long run. And that feeling keeps us moving forward.

We are afraid of walking towards the unknown because not everything in our lives are within our control. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we learn new things every day. When we are not learning new things, we are required to adapt to the many changes surrounding us. They say that change is the only constant and that itself can be the unknown we face.

Now, what has religion got to do with all this you might ask. I always have the thought that religion acts as a spiritual (psychological) food that nourishes our soul so that it continues to be hopeful and empowered to continue struggling through the challenges and difficulties.

But today’s sermon gave me a clearer answer and helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together. It really is not which religion is truer than the other but instead, it is which religion one can leverage on, through its teaching to obtain true courage to explore the unknown.

Faith is believing that the eventuality is nothing less than a victory despite all the distractions, hurdles and hardship. We are always advised to do our very best and leave the rest to God. Not everything in our lives are within our control and most of the frustrations faced are usually caused by things which are beyond our control. This is where faith comes in.

Be it a new job, starting a new life in a new place, deciding on marriage, entering into college, and making other “big decisions” in life, we can only go through the motion of documentations and procedures while the rest, falls into the hands of faith. We gather the courage to believe that the new job will be worthwhile and the spouse we are saying “Yes” to will be our best friend to grow old with.

As a conclusion, I wish that everyone in this world will have the freedom to choose freely whichever religion he/she deems fit and is able to help him/her find the courage to take the LEAP OF FAITH in the land of the unknown.