He sends His battalion of angels

About 5 months ago, I felt that I was at the end of the tunnel. Everything looks bleak and I felt like a helpless little lamb cornered by a pack of vicious wolves. Every defense system in me took flight and it came a time when I was even suicidal.

It felt as though God had so much to do elsewhere that he allowed me to fall and hit rock bottom. The more I struggled the more I felt suffocated. It felt a little better when I let myself loose. There were so much at stake for me to resign from a job that I like very much. A job that promises many opportunities in the future. The saddest part is, I made many mistakes that has caused me all these opportunities.

In order to sustain, I took up a “no brainer” job to make ends meet for the time being while I get myself back on track. The many phobias of going back to the corporate world haunts me daily.

Like many past experiences, I come back to square one. The soul searches for his master. I recall the many trials that I have faced in the past and I end up in the same place – in the arms of God.

During the days on the road, He constantly reminded me that He is in control and He will provide. At the end of one of those bad days, He will send someone to say, “I hope you are happy today” or even “Don’t worry, God is with you”. These words shocked me because it is pretty obvious that He is watching and He knows I was a little sad that day.

When God heard me, he answers. He send not just one angel but a battalion of them to my aid. He shows me how fortunate I am and tries His best to inspire me.

All I can do now, is leave the impossibles in His hands so that I will be able to do the possibles!