How Do We Mend A Broken Generation

This past week has been an eye opener for me. I am given the opportunity to meet 3 young men aging between 8 years old and approximately 22 years old. Looking at 3 of them show me an entire spectrum of the deadly trend that is happening to our next generation.

The first is an 8 years old boy. Both parents hold high positions in the corporate world. Father is away on job assignments most of the time. When I asked him about his father, he doesn’t seemed to show interest at all.

The 2nd is a young man in his tertiary education years. He left home since 14 years old due to all the troubles at home. Both parents divorced and the cause of it was that his father was not around most of the time.

The 3rd is a young man in his early 20s. Mother is a partner in a renown auditing firm and at the same time owns a firm. Father is a successful businessman with businesses overseas and locally.

Having parents who are successful is not the only thing they 3 have in common. Sadness and scarred emotions are the other things they have in common.

The 8 year old boy have so much anger in him. He is most of the time rude. I don’t remember a time he replied my greeting in all the mornings that I met him thus far. I did a little experiment on him just to gauge how much politeness he have in him. I kept some candies in my car and every day, I gave him one. There is never a “thank you” when I gave him the candies. After 3 days, I stopped putting candies in the car and he would ask, “do you still have the candies?”. I kept quiet for the next 2 days. It was just the way he asked that annoyed me. Here is a young boy never taught the courtesy to say “Please” and “Thank You”. It seemed to me that he has been raised thinking that he owns every single damn thing in this world. I kind of wonder the style of parenting this kid came from. I guess many people in this world expect the parenting to come from school, their maids or even driver.

I wonder sometimes what is the use of riches in materials when life values take a backseat.

The second young man also seemed to harbor some sort of sadness in him. I could feel that he needed a lot of father figure in his life. He enjoyed chatting with me. I am glad that he have chosen to go to school when it was so easy for him to stray and be someone that is totally different. At least he has got some sense to stay away from trouble.

The third one has since resorted to substance abuse – alcohol and cigarette. I asked him was it because of all the pressure that he is getting having influential parents and he replied, “partly”. I further asked if their absence in his life while growing up was also the contributor for him to fall into those addiction and against he replied, “I guess so”.

I then asked myself why this phenomenon is happening. As a parent myself, I tried to trace back to analyze what seemed to be the problem.

And then, part of the answer emerged when I heard over the radio that many parents are sending their children to international schools after losing confidence in the public schools. We all know how expensive international schools are and I believe that most parents acting upon their love for their children, sacrifice their time to put their children through the best education.

The question really is, why do we need international school when we can make the public schools better?

It is also like asking the question, why should we spend more for organic vegetables when it should always be organic?

The answer is very clear. Somewhere along the way, someone greedy is trying to make off with a big chunk of money creating another level (or obstacle) in this game of life.

I truly think that we are living our lives countering the natural way of life. My fear is that we are unable to rotate and counter the direction that it is moving right now.

What is wrong with the picture?