Heart Tickle

Do you ever feel a little pull or tuck on your heart’s string sometimes? A suddenly surge of joy at an unexpected moment? I felt that today and I like to think of it as God’s little tickle on my heart. In one of the wonderful sermons that I have heard in church not too long ago, as Christian we are all called to be joyful people. Through the many ups and downs chasing after what does not matter, I have been so very disconnected and have lost all revenue to be joyful.

Today I am able to feel that little God’s tickle and am joyful. I hope that this joy will be everlasting. It has almost been a month now that I have stayed away from the whirlwind of the chase and each passing day, I am able to see clearer all God is pointing and prompting. I just need to believe in Him and take His lead.

It shall be a victorious Easter.

Your will be done, Lord.


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