Refocus on what matters

Today’s sermon is pretty provocative. There has been a couple of main points to be put across. The first question is “Do the world dictates human or human dictates the world?” The definition of world here would be materialism.

Each and everyone of us is unique and that is the importance of IDENTITY. We are special individuals filled with talents and values. Sometimes we forget that God has put us here on earth not to ape others but to be examples to those around us.

To be honest, I have been aping the person that I am not at many points of my life. I want to be another person so much that I lost myself, my identity and my soul. I was once very focus on what life is all about with God as my strength and guide but I drifted further and further away from Him on my search of external riches. I fed my ego, I wanted status and wealth like any ordinary person. With all the material wealth that I have, I thought I had it all and yet, I wanted even more.

It is true that it is said that God will raise the lowly and humble the mighty. In this world filled with non-believers, it is hard to believe but I believe He did brought me back to reality before it is too late. One way or another, He showed me that I was going the wrong direction. It is definitely very hard to swallow but I must bite the bullet and know that He is God and He will pull me through anything and everything. It is plain and simple, He wants me to trust completely and unconditionally.

So I knelt before Him and said, “Lord, I surrender”.

Living in this world we are bombarded with so many things that deteriorate our values and lives. That is the “world”. We are told that the many wrongs are right. The media is telling us that it is alright to break marriage vows and it is alright to disrespect ourselves and neighbors.

I have indeed allow “filth” to creep into my life. I ape those of the world and allowed their filthy believes and actions corrupt my soul. I have allowed myself to be trapped and my judgments be clouded. I no longer able to make decision as simple as they are. My brain went dead. I lost control of this vessel and I allowed myself to flow without direction thinking that the wave of the world will lead me to a safe place. I was so wrong and again, I have lost my identity. I no longer know who I am anymore.

Now it is clear to me that I am indeed special and different. I am brought into this world to make a statement that I am not to follow the flow of the world. The world should flow according to how I want it to be. For with me is God, the Almighty who created the world and He alone is the master of the entire Universe.

I am but His servant and my mouth utters, ‘Your will be done”.


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