Are We Programming God?

I am writing this based on my own observation/opinion and I do not represent any individual, organization or religious body. What I write is only my personal view and it does not represent the view of the religion that I profess.

A Computer World

The Computer world is the fastest changing and evolving industry of our time. The saying “The only thing constant is change” very much applies to this fast changing technological world. Information Technology (IT) is another term given to the way data are stored and manipulated to assist business development. In order to thrive in IT, business applications or software are developed using what we call the programming language. There are various programming languages that are being used as a development tool. Each programming language comes with its own syntax or grammar so to speak. Using a certain programming language, a programmer writes up to thousands of coding lines to instruct or change the behavior of the computer systems. With each change in the line of codes, the results are usually instantaneous. In short, the programmer gets what he/she wants of the computer systems. In another word, the programmer plays God in controlling how the computer system works.

Who is God?

When I was younger, I had a friend who went into the seminary and due to a simple question, left his pursuit for the vocation of priesthood. The question was, “God made man, man made God?”. I guess his question really was if  God a creation of man? I certainly cannot answer the question but I do have a few more questions that I will be asking in this article to counter the non-existence of God. I have been reading a couple of self help book and realized that even the greatest authors and inventors cannot deny the existence of God. In this world of science and technology, God comes in many shapes, forms, sizes and names. Some refer to their God as The Subconscious Mind, The Higher Being, The Energy, The Almighty, The Higher Self or The Most High. Some worship money and materials as though they are God, others may believe or worship otherwise. Whatever it is, we tend to explain and give a face to God or we may not even believe of His existence. Like it or not, He does exists but just in different forms and references.

Tweaking & Programming God

There are some who believes that God is the subconscious mind and with practice, we are able to tame and control the subconscious mind. It is as though the subconscious mind is liken the Computer Systems that the programmer controls and we act as the programmer. I am not trying to deny this possibility. We can never know for sure but if it is true, I really would like to be a God to my God. There is a celebration among the Indian community called Thaipusam. The images of devotees having a spear going through their cheeks come to mind each time this celebration is mentioned. How can it be possible that the devotees feel no pain in such situations? I believe that they have successfully tapped into their subconscious mind and have blocked off all conscious pain. That’s how best I can explain it. My question really is, how can we ever reprogram this subconscious mind so that it will take us to greater heights and unlimited resources? I have read about the law of attraction and other theories that suggest us to send out energy and ask of the Genie of this Universe. Everything we ask, the Universe will respond in its limitless ways.


I believe all of us know very well the term resonance. Resonance is the collection of the same frequency that compliments and creates a larger form of the frequency. I believe frequency is a form of energy, and if I am not wrong, sound is a form of energy or vibration. A piece of glass vibrates at a certain rate or should I say frequency. If another sound is produced nearby that vibrates at the same frequency, the resonance will cause the glass to shatter.

Have you ever thought of an idea and the next thing you know, the idea has materialized before you even start to embark on making it happen? I believe that is because, a thought turns into an energy and if the vibration is captured by someone else’ same thoughts, then there will be resonance of the same idea being amplified. Someone with that same thought with more resources will then be able to afford to make the idea come true in its physical form.

Communication with the Almighty

In the religious world, we too communicate with our God using different languages due to the geographical area where believers are located. We send out thoughts and energies referred to as PRAYERS. So as the many same intent of prayers (in different languages) collide, the same frequencies compliment each other and causes a strong vibration. The intent of the prayers soon takes shape and form by this strong collective energy. The question is also whether or not we are capable of exercising our brain power like Magneto where any metal he desires, he will be able to obtain? Why are we not able to attract all the monies in this world? Is it because everyone is asking for money for themselves and the Universe just splits the entire pile of mint by the strength of prayers?

In His Time

We have all asked the same question – “When will my prayers be answered?”. We have always given up our prayers because we have prayed so hard and long but our prayers have never been answered. Just imagine screaming in a room full of people screaming all at the same time. It only makes sense to say that the loudest will be heard. That is the reason why we are always given the answer “Be patient, God will answer in His time”. That is also the reason why we ask our friends to “please pray for me” or we sought the intercession of the Saints we believe in to intercede for us. And when the prayers of both the dead and alive combines, our prayers will be answered.

What is a Religion?

A religion to me is two folds. It is firstly an institution to gather believers for a common belief and to work together for greater GOOD. Secondly, when believers gather together in numbers, their common prayers will be resonated and take physical shape. For example, each week we pray for world peace in hope that the collected energy for world peace will negate or nullify the stronger negative energy emitted/produced by the WILL of war mongers.

Anyone who believes and stands for justice should be a believer in a religion that sought after a greater GOOD. Unfortunately most of us believers waste more time fighting over who’s religion is truer than the other and in doing so has brought about more conflicting energy of different kinds.

God helps those who help themselves

Getting what you want in life has two folds – prayer and effort. Prayer is our message to the Universe while effort is to materialize the prayer.

Programming the Corporate World

Each company has its own mission statement. Mission statements are actually a form of PRAYERS in the corporate world. Layoffs and dismissals are usually applied to those who no longer act in line with the PRAYERS setup by the company. The sales force is actually the driving force of a corporate company. With a set of PRAYERS, all employees of a company are expected to “chant the same” and contribute to this great ball of energy while the sales force materialize the targeted sales figure. I may sound like a bimbo right now but I think this makes sense – to me at least.

Programming a Marriage

A family that prays together stays together. When we first make the decision to be husbands and wives, most of us are so in line and in tuned with each other’s needs. And we have a common objective (another form of prayer). Married couples are advised to pray together so that they will have a complimentary energy between them. I believe you understand my point here.

Does God exist?

I am a believer and I strongly believe that God exists. The reason that I am a believer is because there is no answer as to why his non-existence. If it all boils down to “energy”, how do be break apart the nucleus of energy? What is the simplest form of energy? Vibration and heat, where does all these come from?

Even a single cell organism has the ability to move and how in the world can that happen if we break this cell up into its most simplest form. There is a reason why even the greatest of the geniuses and inventors of this world do not question the existence of God.

E = mc2

I like to look at it as E = Energy = Existence of God.

And knowing His existence in the form of Energy, I would like to contribute my Prayers to help build a resounding Energy that resonates so ever strongly for a BETTER WORLD. Are you game?

Heart Tickle

Do you ever feel a little pull or tuck on your heart’s string sometimes? A suddenly surge of joy at an unexpected moment? I felt that today and I like to think of it as God’s little tickle on my heart. In one of the wonderful sermons that I have heard in church not too long ago, as Christian we are all called to be joyful people. Through the many ups and downs chasing after what does not matter, I have been so very disconnected and have lost all revenue to be joyful.

Today I am able to feel that little God’s tickle and am joyful. I hope that this joy will be everlasting. It has almost been a month now that I have stayed away from the whirlwind of the chase and each passing day, I am able to see clearer all God is pointing and prompting. I just need to believe in Him and take His lead.

It shall be a victorious Easter.

Your will be done, Lord.

Refocus on what matters

Today’s sermon is pretty provocative. There has been a couple of main points to be put across. The first question is “Do the world dictates human or human dictates the world?” The definition of world here would be materialism.

Each and everyone of us is unique and that is the importance of IDENTITY. We are special individuals filled with talents and values. Sometimes we forget that God has put us here on earth not to ape others but to be examples to those around us.

To be honest, I have been aping the person that I am not at many points of my life. I want to be another person so much that I lost myself, my identity and my soul. I was once very focus on what life is all about with God as my strength and guide but I drifted further and further away from Him on my search of external riches. I fed my ego, I wanted status and wealth like any ordinary person. With all the material wealth that I have, I thought I had it all and yet, I wanted even more.

It is true that it is said that God will raise the lowly and humble the mighty. In this world filled with non-believers, it is hard to believe but I believe He did brought me back to reality before it is too late. One way or another, He showed me that I was going the wrong direction. It is definitely very hard to swallow but I must bite the bullet and know that He is God and He will pull me through anything and everything. It is plain and simple, He wants me to trust completely and unconditionally.

So I knelt before Him and said, “Lord, I surrender”.

Living in this world we are bombarded with so many things that deteriorate our values and lives. That is the “world”. We are told that the many wrongs are right. The media is telling us that it is alright to break marriage vows and it is alright to disrespect ourselves and neighbors.

I have indeed allow “filth” to creep into my life. I ape those of the world and allowed their filthy believes and actions corrupt my soul. I have allowed myself to be trapped and my judgments be clouded. I no longer able to make decision as simple as they are. My brain went dead. I lost control of this vessel and I allowed myself to flow without direction thinking that the wave of the world will lead me to a safe place. I was so wrong and again, I have lost my identity. I no longer know who I am anymore.

Now it is clear to me that I am indeed special and different. I am brought into this world to make a statement that I am not to follow the flow of the world. The world should flow according to how I want it to be. For with me is God, the Almighty who created the world and He alone is the master of the entire Universe.

I am but His servant and my mouth utters, ‘Your will be done”.