Culture Of Death

Barely 2 (two) weeks after her death, music publishing companies are fast to dish out Whitney Houston’s greatest hits compilation album in an attempt to reap what is left of the singer. Some say this is capitalism at its best.

I was at a music store today and was told by the shopkeeper that music artist deaths are good for business. How ironic it is and it makes me wonder what is the substance of life.

I have great respect for artist of any kind – music/art and etc because I believe they know very well how to express themselves except a few that are not able to cope with the fame. Money do cause people to act strangely sometimes.

The world at large is practicing The Culture of Death more and more as the years go by. We tend to take those alive for granted and only cherish the dead. We do not appreciate things until they are gone from our clutches.

How do we then call this world wonderful I wonder. How can we ever go back to the times when “we love human and use things” instead of “love things use humans”. Why are we swimming against the tide most of the time trying very hard to do something we know very well to be wrong?

Just over lunch today, I cannot help but to notice a mother and daughter conversation next to us. Daughter said that prefers studying art subjects instead of science subjects but mother insist that she wants her to study science subjects because of experiences shared by a friend. I realize that the mother failed to listen to the voice of her child but instead imposing her pre-judgment on her. I feel so sad for her child and I feel sadder for the mother who is so lost in the world herself. That is a common thing in this world when we go against the tide. At the end of the conversation, mother said that she will pull her daughter out from piano class so that she could use the money to help improve her results in the science subjects. UTTER BULLSHIT!

If the daughter enjoys piano lessons, don’t that actually tells us something!? I was so tempted to tell the mother this. “Hey woman, look here, if your child interest is to play the piano, doesn’t that tell you that is her path and calling? And doesn’t that also tell you that your child is more inclined towards music and not all the science shit? Why not just F***ing nurturing her towards that and open up doors instead of shutting her off? You’re wasting 30 minutes conversation time giving her nothing but discouragement!”.


I am not sure and I try not to be a racist but somehow, certain genetics are so deep-rooted in the race. In this case it would be the GENETICS OF SAVING FACE & CHICKEN SHIT (FEARFUL)!

And so a vicious cycle starts and continues…