Balls for ransom

Time and time again, I try to make the best out of life and be positive. When I loose my focal point, it is pretty difficult to stay positive at times. For the past few weeks I feel pretty tired. Tired of trying to please the expectation that I assume. In short, I imposed expectation I thought someone else have of me. The expectation was not communicated in the first place.

So as I stop and wonder, why am I pushing myself so hard even though there isn’t any expectation mentioned?

Therefore, the title of this post. Many a times we are held by the balls. There is so much that goes on in our daily lives especially those in the corporate world. Most of the distractions are not related to our actual work at all. Politics, coping with someone else’ incompetency and having to please others are just a few things that take up our time on our own tasks.

Ever wonder what your balls are held ransom for?

We fear of losing our jobs because of the strings of commitments tied to us – children, mortgage, auto mobile instalments, credit card balances and etc. The more commitments, the bigger our balls are. So in the end, it is such a handful of balls to handle.


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