Here I am again…

There are so many words that can explain how I feel right now and LOST is definitely one of them. I was listening to the radio this morning and I can totally relate to what was being discussed. I realized that I have allowed myself to be the victim of INSTANT GRATIFICATION. I realized that we are living in a world that is fast and constantly changing.

As it is life is already pretty fragile but yet again like what has been mentioned by the announcers on the radio, we find ourselves saying things like, “if it wasn’t for so and so, I would have…”, “I wish I did not wake up this morning” and many more that indicates that death is the only way out.

We are always caught up in the need for being ahead all the time and subconsciously we have been conditioned to need changes all the time. I hope my next venture would be something more stable and down to earth. And I have to constantly remind myself to slow down to take one day at a time.

We are also expected to set goals on a daily basis and sometimes these goals get the best of us. I do not know what else to write any more for today. I just hope that things would turn for the best for me and I am able to find happiness in all that I do.