Squirrel In My Brain!

A blink of an eye, it’s the end of January 2011. In this short span of time, I have learned so much in my work. There are some set backs as well.

Important things that I have learned in the past 3 weeks:

1. Perseverance

I need to keep working hard and keep going at it no matter to reach my destination

2. No regrets

I should leverage on all opportunities that present themselves and claim them before it is too late

3. There are always 2 sides of things

I should not be influence by others with their own agenda and perspectives. I am not them and they are not me.

4. Nothing comes easy

I need to work harder and reap what I sow later.

I really want to excel for year 2011 in everything that I do. I want to turn anything that I touch into gold so to speak.

For the past few days, I have been asking myself “why am I not enjoying my life?” and “what am I worrying about?”. And one of the themes of Pope John Paul II is “Be Not Afraid”. And someone told me that I need to be still. Yes, it really seemed like I have a squirrel in my brain because I am often pretty forgetful these days.

Although I no longer feel out of control as I did before, there are still many things that I need to deliver in order to be successful in year 2011. I also find myself doing better work wise late in the evening. But that takes a toll on my body as I feel really tired the next morning. How do I find this balance in my life I wonder.

Also, I have promised to be helpful at work but where should I draw the line when things are turning into spoon feeding?

I have my own stuff to do and I can’t be bogged down doing someone else’ job you see?


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