Thirty Is When Life Begins?

“…A house is not a home…” seemed to be a very familiar line in songs. How is that related to what I am going through right now? Each time I start on a new job, I tend to doubt the new company that I just joined. It is a very common situation especially when a person like me that has gone through some rough patches landing in jobs which are not suitable for me.

How should I move on from this petty sort of thinking? I am telling myself that as employees, we are given a room to work in. Take away the people, the room remains just as an empty room. So, however the room is, it doesn’t matter. The people in the room matters. Yes, a multinational company may have a very comfortable and cosy setup. But if the people in it prefer to be unprofessional, then a nice room does not make much of a difference if we want to enjoy our job.

What are we really going after in life and especially in our career? I believe that we put on a mask or facade in different places that we in at any particular point of time. Since the office is where we spend most of our time, our personality seemed to have changed completely. We loose ourselves sometimes.

I am constantly telling myself that I can change to accommodate just like a chameleon, but it doesn’t mean that I have lost who I am. Perhaps a few years back, I may completely change but I believe I know myself too well now that I will not be influence. But of course I need the strength to persevere.

Therefore, I am just telling myself, I am here to earn a living. Out of here, I am who I am…

If I come across someone who does things that are against my principle, I do not necessary have to condone or agree with him/her. I can always be myself having my own judgment and decision. I can still remain as the person with strong principles. I just have to handle things differently.

All in all, I am constantly telling myself not to take life that seriously. We at the end of the day, only have 1 life to live and we must live it to the fullest so that we do not look back and lament the “what ifs” and “should haves”.


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