I am revisiting the topic of men straying again. Well, just a thought that came to my mind. One of my pet peeves is to come home from a hard day’s work to see long faces of dissatisfaction. Today was one of such instances. I totally hated it.

I realized that for many years now that I am forced to live with a woman’s emotion when I am a man. I have been living my life trying to please people around me and especially to live up to the emotional expectations of women, come to think about it, men and women alike. I find it really difficult to act within the boundaries of some one else’s expectations. Very difficult as I am the type that loves to be myself. Say whatever I like and do whatever I like.

And because of the disappointment today, I have written that some of us may have forgotten that hard work is compulsory to achieve or obtain what we want in life. I have in fact found happiness working hard for something that I would like to sustain in my life. But I am penalized for doing that just because someone else have not found something of her own. Thus, all the excuses that are breath down my neck. Or should I say that I am accused of having all the excuses. That I am running away from my responsibilities. HECK, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Don’t make a man do woman stuff, in short.

That is really going against the tide…

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