A couple of weeks back I decided to tender my resignation with my current company. I just do not feel that I am at the right place and everything is just not as how I expected. Making the decision was definitely a very difficult one considering all the bombardments my mind was subjected to. The issues of comfort zone and financial situations are among those things that caused a havoc deep inside of me. I attended mass that day like the usual but it was such an emotional one. I felt God touching me through the words of the hymnals sung. At certain point, I was trying to hold back tears. The feeling of relief that the decision has been made and decided upon has taken away all the agony I have inflicted upon myself.

Today for whatever reason, I felt a little emotional as well. I was alone at church and for the longest time, today it was full concentration without the cares of my daughter climbing up and down the pew. It has been a while since the last time I felt re-energized soulfully and spiritually.

Today Jesus was challenged by the Sadducee whose wife will the woman be if she has been married to all 7 brothers. I guess, men on earth imposes too much rule on themselves and in God’s eyes, it is totally different. We look towards better days ahead.

God is real and He provides, forever…


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