A Pact For Myself

2010 is a number I would like to forget forever. I just can’t recall anything good that happened except the birth of my 2nd child back in May. It was a worrisome year for me because the pressure was overwhelming. The changes were drastic. Many bridges burnt as well.

Though it is only November now, I am already pretty excited to greet 2011. My resolution for 2011 is very simple. I pray for 3 things – focus, patience and perseverance.

Focus – I must deliver all that is needed of me in my daily work. Break down my objectives on a daily basis – achievements and goals i.e. value contributed per day.

Patience – The reward will be great at the end of the year. With focus, I must have patience to endure through positive thinking.

Perseverance – I must keep on working on my limitations and improve myself on a daily basis. To look at things not only at immediate view but long term as well.

As for now, I am just praying for strength to endure all difficulties that the end of 2010 may bring…


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