The Unsynchronized World

I am sure everyone of us in certain part of our lives has felt the feeling of going against the water current. If we have had the experience of visiting the beach, I am sure that feeling the waves is a common experience. At the very moment, it is an uphill battle for myself. I feel a great detachment and gap between my soul and all that surrounds me. I just feel that I am totally out of my element and out of place altogether. And a simply question left unanswered – “What is the point?”.

To be honest, I do not really know the answer but, I believe the reason I took up this job in the first place was to silent the part of me that worries about the many areas of security for my family and myself. Although it didn’t feel quite right during the interview, I told myself that it is worth a try. Furthermore, with the many encouragements given to me and the assurance that everything will turn out well, I was excited to take up the new challenge.

Well, today it did not go quite well. As I am writing this, I remember a book I once read entitled “The Seat Of The Soul” by Gary Zukav. I have forgotten all that was written but I believe he was writing about how to feed our soul the right stuff in all that we do in our lives. I am currently reading a book entitled “Think and Make It Happen” by Dr. Augusto Cury. With all the unfavorable situations happening, I must admit that I have loose sight of God. The moment I picked up this book, I felt that God was indeed trying to tell me something. Out of the thousands of books, there must be a reason why I pick this up and as I read the summary, the word Jesus just outshines the rest. It is quite a technical book that needs a lot of concentration to fully understand, I am ashamed to say that it is quite sedating at the moment.

Anyway, back to the topic that I first set out to write about. Yes, I get distracted these days, lost all self-esteem and confidence. A higher being would not blame the environment for the unfortunate situation but yes, I have placed myself in a place which is totally not in sync with my being. But it is true, each bad career experience does pull you back a thousand steps.

My perspectives of this world at this moment is that, most of us are very pretentious. Though we do not like something, we will just go with the flow and act as if we do. Hold on, did I say go with the flow? I mean go against the flow of our conscience, our beliefs and principles – JUST TO FIT IN and possibly not to be sidelined or penalized. It has been proven that majority does not necessary equates to correctness. Human decisions can be affected by many aspects and emotions being one of them.

My point really is, I believe in the vibration of life. We love to call this VIBE. It is common for us to say that we could sense the bad vibe goind around sometimes. What about this vibe? Just imagine the 6,697,254,041 people in this world doing something that they totally dislike. Say YES when it is suppose to be NO. Right the wrongs and accepting the wrongs as rights. The earth might as well turn the opposite direction. I believe that can happen.

Let’s take for example the economy of the world. Before the economy crashed recently, wasn’t there so much talk about bad economy? Yes, we’re talking about the law of attraction and all that has been written by The Secret (Rhonda Byrne). I know we can wish for anything from the universe but we are not meant to go against the universe.

I realised that is what I have done. I have go against the tides of my own soul. I need to rectify it. The saddest part, I remain out of sync and will be for the next 1.5 months.

Lord Jesus, I pray for strength!

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