What’s The Damn Point?

Hire to Fire? I just do not understand certain people in certain corporate environment. They tend to hire people and then make life miserable for them. The outcome, fire or resignation.

I am being bombarded with words like Shape Up or Ship Out. The way I like to put it, I was fucking perfect and now I am dented. Some motherfuckers just like to be difficult because they are fucking incompetent.

Fuck Off bastard!

Road To Heal

Heart racing, palm sweating, difficulty breathing. I just can’t figure out what was wrong with me today. The pressure is so intense. Just an email and I totally lost it. This is the beginning of my road to healing. I learn a lot out of this experience. At least I know now what is my limit in life.

I helps me put everything into perspective. When things stray away from the initial objectives, something has got to break. I did not apply for a position with this role, if I was interested back then, I would have applied accordingly.

The start of my career wasn’t a pleasant one. My so called dream job left me with a scar working with an extremely incompetent boss that thought me how to recognize one from million miles away. The frustration is, I figured this guy out during the interview. Blinded by the big brand, I decided to accept the offer and of course the job scope did interest me as well. So far, everything seemed to be a big LIE!

I need to move on definitely!