Hard Reset

It is hard to even start writing about my life when previously words and ideas are abundant. Still the most fundamental question “Who Am I?” still lingers on my mind like a little teenager. Growing up in a generation that is bombarded in a lot of hypes and fads, there is no exception as to how my mind is filled with so much images of the “perfect life” one should have.

What really form a person are opinions and I believe to a certain extend, the many images that fulfill the roles and responsibilities of marketing certain product. So what is the real perfect picture for each and everyone of us? Are we all govern and obligated to life along the lines set by some fads? Are we suppose to follow the crowd? Who sets the standard to as to what we are following?

How do I get to that level where what I do would be the standard to follow? What catches others into doing the same thing?

I am very confused being a 28 year old father of one. I am totally lost myself and I am really thinking how will I be able to lead my next generation into being someone confident and one with direction when I myself is unable to have a definite direction for myself?

What defines happiness? Why am I wallowing up in this self pity? What is there out there that is larger than this life I am leading at the moment?

Questions and more questions…

I would first like to put all my fears of blogging behind me. I would like to write like no one else have done before. The hurdles I faced earlier shall not cripple me. They shall not break these fingers of mine. I will type through my intellectual capabilities to express the profound feeling I haveĀ  that could be related easily with my peers and friends.