Our World Today

Being a weak person, I constantly seek God’s strength to help me
brace the world that I am in.

I usually visit http://www.wau.org to go through the daily bible readings and meditation article on a daily basis.

Right after going through these materials, I normally read the local news through the local press websites.For the reason that negativity sells faster, normally the news covered in these online presses are on negative topics. It is just so typical of the world.

I just cannot help but to feel that this sequence of activities do remind me of how we as humans are.

Firstly, I need the grace of God to be present in our lives and with the strength that we draw from me, we normally are able to brace the world.

Today, we need God more than ever because the world is changing so rapidly towards taking the likings for negativity. It is really sad indeed to have come to this point.

I no longer fear the apocalypse God spoke about because I truly understand that it would not be God that will send his wrath to destroy mankind, but it would be mankind itself that will destroy humanity.

I summarize the main reason to all these negative happening with just one word, GREED.


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