An Ah Pek with his little cup of Baileys Original Irish Cream

Once in a while I will get into this mood of putting myself in a lavish environment. Dreams of sipping on some classy drink in a posh environment. As soon as reality strikes, all hopes and dreams would be dashed.

As irrelevant as a Caucasian pretending to be an Asian or vice versa, this is the reality when I begin to look inwards. I will sure enjoy a western drink or two but being one may never be the ideal situation. But I have never like much of the eastern stuffs especially the culture and behavior. The exterior things like traditional dressing and architecture is a different story though. I like the chinese Sam Fu or Cheong Sam. Some kitchen wares and the traditional rosewood dining table and chairs do capture my attention sometimes.

I just dislike the way Asians bring up their children. Very suppressive environment. It would be better to allow children expressing themselves to their maximum potential.

The baby’s crying and it is very difficult to try raising a baby the way I want at the moment so I better stop here for now…


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