Sweet Victory

The unity was felt very obviously today. Although it was really quiet throughout the process, I have got a feeling that something great is brewing underneath the silence.

Turned out, we all have the same feelings and sentiments. The results show for itself that everyone truly wants a change. A change for good. For our future and their future…

The targeted  tyrant majority has been denied. This victory was not only won by one race. It was won by all races. The UNITY that we longed for since we achieve independence. We felt it today. It was truly present. Indeed, we do believe one thing in common. We have speak our minds in unison.

We shall move on to improve further as a great Nation. To be somewhere in the World’s eyes again.

Can we jail someone because we think God says so?

It is strange how some communities can proclaim themselves as God. Their self-given powers give them the privilege to sentence someone to be jailed just because that person has violated his/her beliefs which also in this case created by a fellow human.

It is amazing that in situations like this, the community of human beings are given the power to decide the fate of a person that has a LIFE. Who are we in this world today I wonder.

What has become of us human beings? We exert dominance on others based on our erroneous judgments, we judge others based on our own inaccurate perceptions and beliefs. How can we move forward in situations like these?

An Ah Pek with his little cup of Baileys Original Irish Cream

Once in a while I will get into this mood of putting myself in a lavish environment. Dreams of sipping on some classy drink in a posh environment. As soon as reality strikes, all hopes and dreams would be dashed.

As irrelevant as a Caucasian pretending to be an Asian or vice versa, this is the reality when I begin to look inwards. I will sure enjoy a western drink or two but being one may never be the ideal situation. But I have never like much of the eastern stuffs especially the culture and behavior. The exterior things like traditional dressing and architecture is a different story though. I like the chinese Sam Fu or Cheong Sam. Some kitchen wares and the traditional rosewood dining table and chairs do capture my attention sometimes.

I just dislike the way Asians bring up their children. Very suppressive environment. It would be better to allow children expressing themselves to their maximum potential.

The baby’s crying and it is very difficult to try raising a baby the way I want at the moment so I better stop here for now…

Everyone’s Got Talent!!!

I recently watched a few youtube videos about some Country’s Got Talent. Looking beyond the commercialised talents, I believe each and everyone of us has got talent if not TALENTS.

Something struck my mind today as I was walking around in the mall. I just had this vision of a baby born in the gallows somewhere not too far away. The parents was holding to this baby sobbing away. And my thought switch to another scene right away. A scene of perfection. A baby all wrapped up nicely and both parents seemed to be delighted.

I believe the vision or thought gave me a profound reasoning. We are all brought into this world in so many different circumstances. The first vision was of hardship. Apparently the parents of the baby was overwhelmed with worries of how to bring this beautiful gift up well in such undesirable conditions.

An average mind would question the inequality and unfairness. I too find myself asking the reason why some of my peers are born into rich families whereas I have to struggle every step along the way.

But beyond all these, it made me believe very much that we are all here on earth for a reason. We have been blessed with so much talents. Sometimes we just do not know they exist or do not know how to make good use of them.

Whatever talents we have I believe we should use it well.

How do I know what talents I have? I usually get some hints and queues from people around me. So far many people has mentioned to me that I make a good writer. I can even remember a former supervisor now a dear friend telling me “You have got a flair for writing”.

And write was what I did. Until recently, an incident has really put me off writing and somehow, I felt that my talent was suddenly suppressed after deleting a blog that I have been writing for more than 2 years. It has a really bad impact on me personally.

After some time, I felt that I have to rediscover myself again and let my fingers do more working. I need to blog good stuff again. But this time, I really need to watch out what I blog and write. But the truth is, I am still uncomfortable not being able to express myself fully because there is still some restriction I have to impose on myself.

I blame it on the society that surrounds me. It is because this society that I am in suppresses freedom of speech and writing to some degree. We are free to express as long that we do not mention names. The problem is, although there are no solid basis for a defamation suit, people are just too conservative to take constructive criticism. Any sign of criticism would be taken too seriously. To be frank, I got a legal threat just because I blog about some company’s inefficiency and ineffectiveness in executing their project that I was also involved in.

Since then, I promise myself not to blog about work anymore.

Back to the topic of talent. I find myself possessing the talent but due to circumstances like these, I might have to stop myself from using it.

I believe the society that I live in should accept people for who they are. We have to look into their talents instead of their shortcomings to bring the best out of others. Unfortunately, a blunder like the one mentioned above may cost me my life. I may have lost my reputation with certain people.

It is sad how a majority of people will come down hard on you.

I told myself today that I will persevere no matter. I will continue to write because it gives me psychological relief. Somewhere to pen down my frustration, joy and whatever emotions I feel.

I just bought this book that I believe would answer my question – God Or Profit?