Why do I still blog?

I just cannot stop wondering why blogging is such an addictive thing to do. After a bad experience, I still cannot stop writing and although I do not get as much inspiration to blog lately, I still have the urge to continue blogging. But this time around, I have less to write about my personal life as compared to previously before I decided to delete my previous blog.

I felt that I have wasted my 2 years of hard work and there were so many things in that weblog. I still cannot believe that it has been deleted. I was only able to savor a few post that was cached by Google.

Although I have the urge to blog about my personal life, I just cannot put myself in the position to do it anymore.

Why can’t we express ourselves fully on the internet? Why must other people be so darn sensitive and treat every single word you say as gospel if it is not true?


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