Why do I still blog?

I just cannot stop wondering why blogging is such an addictive thing to do. After a bad experience, I still cannot stop writing and although I do not get as much inspiration to blog lately, I still have the urge to continue blogging. But this time around, I have less to write about my personal life as compared to previously before I decided to delete my previous blog.

I felt that I have wasted my 2 years of hard work and there were so many things in that weblog. I still cannot believe that it has been deleted. I was only able to savor a few post that was cached by Google.

Although I have the urge to blog about my personal life, I just cannot put myself in the position to do it anymore.

Why can’t we express ourselves fully on the internet? Why must other people be so darn sensitive and treat every single word you say as gospel if it is not true?

Search Engine: Friend or Foe to Bloggers?

I came to understand that certain search engines cache websites that they crawl. This is to improve the speed of search and also prolong the content on certain sites.

It makes me wonder if that is a good or a bad thing. For example if someone blogged on some sensitive issues, and accidentally made the entry public, it means that the search engine will cache the entry. Even if the blogger deletes the entry it is still accessible. A particular search engine will only remove the cache if the link returns a certain error 404.

Most third party blog sites still return a valid page as part of their user friendly feature. Instead of showing the requester an error, they serve a decent page and informs that the information requested is not available.

So that makes me wonder if search engines are good or bad for bloggers faced with this sort of issues.

Blog smells trouble?

Yet another blog from me. Who am I? Spiderman?

Hi I am not Peter Parker, but I sure know how to blog and I do not spin webs so not to worry. I am just a regular guy trying to get somewhere in this world. Trying to bring around truth and hope there are people who supports every crap that comes through my fingers via my brain.

Just like to drop an entry to officially start this weblog off. Happy Bloggin’ people. Let’s give some rightful dissing to LIES!